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This list is an evolving scan of public health and health organizations that are taking action on the social determinants of health and advancing health equity.

Health Equity Clicks: Organizations will be of interest to public health practitioners and researchers across the country, and is designed to:

  • Enhance knowledge about key players that support action on the determinants of health
  • Increase connections among public health professionals who address health equity

This list of organizations builds on the 2010 NCCDH Environmental Scan Integrating Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity into Canadian Public Health Practice. In 2012, the Canadian Institute for Health Information - Canadian Population Health Initiative (CIHI-CPHI) shared an internal catalogue describing organizations that generate population health-related knowledge with NCCDH. This catalogue, created in January 2011 and updated in January 2012, has been used to support this online resource by identifying new Canadian and international organizations. 

Organizations were identified from:

  • The 2010 NCCDH Environmental Scan
  • Online searches using key words relevant to the social determinants of health and health equity
  • The CIHI-CPHI database profiling organizations that generate population health-related knowledge
  • Consultations and feedback received from public health practitioners

The list of organizations is non-comprehensive as Canadian contributions to the social determinants of health and health equity are continuously evolving and progressing. We welcome your input, comments, corrections, updates, and additions. We encourage you to help us strengthen this resource by emailing us your suggestions.  We will update this list on a bi-annual basis based on feedback received with the goal of making it as useful as possible to practitioners and researchers in the field.

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