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Succession planning under way at the NCCDH

Written ByConnie ClementConnie Clement | August 14, 2018
Connie Clement

Connie Clement, BSc

Scientific Director Emeritus

Connie Clement joined the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) in January 2011. Previously, Connie was the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Toronto, a venture philanthropy collaborative, and Health Nexus/Nexus Santé, Canada’s premiere health promotion consultancy. She was Director of Planning and Policy at Toronto Public Health when six public health units merged, and previously held varied health promotion and sexual health management and front-line positions. Connie holds a BSc in Biology/Sociology from Trent University.

Dear public health colleagues,

I am writing to share with colleagues in the public health community that I am looking ahead to retirement from my role as scientific director at the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH), and that the NCCDH has begun succession planning to ensure a smooth leadership transition. A workgroup will help envision the next director’s expertise, attributes and networks to position the NCCDH for future impact; proactively identify and reach out to potential candidates; and support staff morale and productivity during leadership changeover. St Francis Xavier University (StFX), where the NCCDH is located, is poised to initiate formal recruitment when this workgroup has identified prospective candidates, perhaps as early as September.

In writing this pre-retirement note, I ask you to consider who is well placed to be the NCCDH’s next scientific director. For this reason, I request that you please share this note widely and personally encourage qualified individuals to consider the pending opening. When reflecting on who might be a great next scientific director, consider the NCC program purpose, our Centre’s mandate and our commitment to being anti-racist and anti-colonial.

Since its founding in 2006, the NCCDH has continually improved and adapted in response to emerging evidence about how public health can advance determinants of health and equity. The Centre is a thriving leader and partner in responding to public health sector needs, assets and opportunities. The NCCDH’s next scientific director will be in a position to hone the Centre’s programs and services to achieve high future impact as the six NCCs plan for the 2020–2025 renewal of the NCC program.

A related job prospectus highlights the anticipated opening. Here, I share a few notes about the Centre that are more personal.

  • The NCCDH is an asset-rich program with a highly qualified, hard-working, smart and likable staff team.
  • The Centre’s users — practitioners at all levels throughout Canada — enthusiastically take up NCCDH resources and events. These practitioners and associated academic-researchers are the most receptive and willing to collaborate whom I’ve encountered in my career.
  • External evaluation is exceedingly positive, demonstrating uptake and impact. The Centre has a well-established culture of evaluation and improvement.
  • StFX is a supportive host organization, keen to retain the NCCDH. The NCCDH contributes to StFX’s academic health priority and complements StFX programs such as the Coady Institute.
  • Being one of six NCCs provides opportunity to implement projects and network across public health issues and disciplines.
  • Antigonish, where StFX and the NCCDH are located, is a vibrant town, being a regional hub with university and health services. Antigonish is rich in arts/performance, recreation, sports and stunning natural assets.  
  • Overall, this job and location have provided me superb opportunities. I’ll treasure my remaining months.

You are welcome to send suggestions, ask questions and express interest in the position to The workgroup and I will carefully consider each communication.

Connie Clement, Scientific Director
National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health



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