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Check out these new case studies - profiling action on social determinants of health

on May 29, 2012

We’ve found four gems of the social determinants of health in action across the country!

These cases show how to build leadership and support for health equity, empower a community to take action, and use community knowledge along with formal research to build programs on the best available evidence.

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Practitioners and researchers from across Canada had to the chance to contribute to the health equity work being done by their colleagues at the Bridging the Gap workshop, using a case study approach known as progressive disclosure.

First, participants were introduced to the challenge, and had to come up with solutions. Presenters then gave them a little more detail, and sent them back to strategize their approaches. The iterative process kept everyone keenly focused on the issues. Critical thinking from participants contributed greatly to the challenges presented, especially those that are still unfolding. Download this methods paper to learn more.

Some of the case studies have been profiled in a series of webinars delivered in collaboration with CHNET-works.




Access to health services, Case study, Collaboration, Healthy public policy, Knowledge translation , Promising practices

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