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Public Health Leadership

In 2010, we conducted an environmental scan to learn more about the needs of public health professionals in their efforts to integrate knowledge on the social determinants of health into their work. Respondents from across Canada agreed that public health leaders and organizations play a vital role in advancing health equity.

In his first Report on the State of Public Health in Canada, David Butler-Jones, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, said

“high-level leadership in all sectors – health and otherwise – is crucial to reducing health inequalities.”

But what factors enable public health leadership? And how are these factors different across Canada? Our aim is to analyze and translate knowledge about public health leadership to help leaders improve and mitigate the effects of social determinants of health and advance health equity. Our intent is to identify effective practices, describe enablers and barriers that influence leadership, and identify tools and strategies to support leaders.

We will do this by means of:

  • A rapid systematic review of literature;
  • Appreciative inquiry with leaders and case learning

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