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Canadian Association of Community Health Centres

The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) is a national organization established in 1995 to provide support for Canada’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) and their provincial level networks. CACHC’s objectives include promoting the CHC vision of health and wellbeing at the federal level, assisting provincial and territorial member organizations in advocating for the accessibility of CHCs to the entire population; providing a forum for issues of concern to CHCs across Canada; facilitating information exchange among CHCs in Canada; and promoting CHCs through advocacy at the federal level.

  • In December 2011 CACHA addressed the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, calling for 1) investment in social and environment protections against illness and disease as action on the social determinants of health; 2) improved intersectoral collaboration among governments and government agencies; and 3) improved access to equitable and comprehensive primary care through Community Health Centres.
  • Visit CACHC’s website to read recent CACHC reports, or to find CHC locations across Canada.

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