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Québec Population Health Research Network

The Québec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) is a community of researchers from across the province working in population health.

The QPHRN mandate includes seven strategic priorities, or axes, one of which is Social Inequalities of Health and Life Course.  The objective of this axis is to build research capacity in Québec on the underlying causes of social inequalities in health and effective interventions to reduce them.

QPHRN fosters knowledge development rooted in public policy and peoples real-life experiences of social inequalities in health.  They also support the translation and dissemination of new knowledge to those on the front line of patient care. Their activities include:

  • PopHealth Notes, a series of publications on research related to population health.  Issue 1 focused on a research initiative that examined health inequalities in three distinct populations across Quebec. Issue 4 examined social inequalities in health experienced by Quebec’s Aboriginal youth.
  • The 4P Training Program: Prevention, Promotion and Public Policy, a training program for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in multidisciplinary research on promotion, prevention and public policy.




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