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Upstream is a Saskatoon based non-profit working to make the public discourse around social determinants of health accessible. By promoting evidence-based, and people-centred ideas, Upstream uses the growing body of evidence on social determinants of health to guide recommendations for change.

The organization’s name and work is grounded in the concept of upstream thinking: if health for all is the goal, upstream thinking means investing wisely for future success and addressing the social and physical aspects of our environment that impact our health. Their resources and writing focus on the social determinants of health as they relate “at home,” “in the community,” and “at work.”

Upstream uses a variety of media to share stories, creatively engage citizens and spark “within them a personal stake in the social determinants of health and a demand for upstream alternatives to the status quo.”

The site has resources about:

  • At home: housing, early childhood development, food security & nutrition
  • In the community: social inclusion, equality & diversity, the wider environment, community services
  • At work: income and its distributions; employment, job security, and working conditions; education

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