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Participate in policy development and advocacy

Lead, support and participate with other organizations in policy analysis and development, and in advocacy for improvements in health determinants and inequities.

Participating in policy development and advocacy is a key role for public health to improve health equity because policies that promote health improve conditions where people live, work and play.

Three of the promising practices, identified to guide local public health practice to reduce social inequities in health, are related to policy development and advocacy: health equity target setting, intersectoral action and community engagement.

The NCCPH program has an NCC that is fully focused on healthy public policy. Because of this, the NCCDH doesn’t emphasize this role. At the NCCDH we partner with the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy and other NCCs on resources that look at policy development and advocacy with a view that critically considers the social determinants of health and health equity. Visit the NCC for healthy public policy for more resources related to policy development and advocacy.

Highlights from projects are:

Tools and approaches for assessing and supporting public health action on the social determinants of is a joint NCCDH and NCCHPP document that offers analysis of various tools including the capacity og each to create policy recommendations.

Health Equity Tools for Policy Change is a powerpoint presentation given by NCCDH staff to a gathering of 400 people at THRIVE! The tools is describes, from Alberta, Australia and the European Union, have been used widely to improve the equity outcome of policies and programs.

View related NCCDH  produced resources. 

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