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Partner with other sectors

Partner with other government and community organizations to identify ways to improve health outcomes for populations that experience marginalization.

Because most of the social determinants of health lie outside of the health sector, working with multiple partners - including government, community organizations, communities, and specific populations - is an essential part of public health practice, especially considering that differences in our health are influenced by economic and societal factors.

Two promising practices, identified to guide local public health practice to reduce social inequities in health, are related to partner with other sectors: intersectoral action and community engagement.


Highlights from projects

In 2012, we released an expedited systematic review as part of our effort to explore “what works” to improve health equity through action on the social determinants of health. This review examines the question, “What is the impact and effectiveness of intersectoral action as a public health practice for health equity through action on the social determinants of health?” In 2013, we published an article about this study.

In 2013, a reference guide that describes 16 community engagement frameworks was created, as public health practitioners are increasingly using community engagement strategies.

Upcoming – stay tuned!

The NCCDH will release additional case examples that will highlight the role of partnering with other sectors and the community.

In early 2014, we dropped work on a review of reviews about the effectiveness of community engagement by public health to address determinants of health because a substantive, multi-faceted U.K. study was released that researched similar questions. We are summarizing and analyzing this new U.K. study – you’ll see our findings in products and events in 2014.

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