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Connie Clement interview: Components of a national health equity agenda

In this video, Connie Clement, Scientific Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health, gives a three minute overview of the fundamental components needed for a Canada-wide, healthy equity agenda.

The video was taped during the 2013 conference Developing a Health Equity Agenda: From a Shared Vision to Policy and Practice Summit, hosted by the NCCDH, the University of Saskatchewan, and the Canadian Council on Social Determinants of Health (CCSDH). The event brought together researchers, public health practitioners, policy makers and sector leaders in an effort to further advance healthy equity in Canada. This is one of eight interviews from the gathering. 

Connie stresses the need for building a health equity agenda that is shaped at different governance levels: national, provincial/territorial, local, and First Nations.  She emphasizes that the agenda needs to address large-scale structural and societal issues (such as income inequality), as well as the daily conditions that lead to health differences; housing, education, employment and social interaction. Thinking about these factors can move the conversation from “an individual framework to a collective or societal way of thinking.”

Use this resource to

  • facilitate conversation about the need for a common agenda for health equity in Canada, and what that agenda might look like; and
  • learn about potential elements of a common agenda.


Saskatoon Health Region. (2013). Health Equity Summit: Connie Clement. Retrieved from

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