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Equity action: Health equity tools for health system managers (Canada) – Online course

In the last few decades, health inequalities, health inequities and the social determinants of health have become increasingly popular topics, as health differences between socio-economic groups continue to persist and, in some cases, widen. This course is designed to provide health system managers with more information about approaches to health equity across the country.

The one-hour course uses simple animations, case study information and knowledge checks to relay different approaches to addressing health inequities at the regional level. Upon completion, you will be able to identify how Canadian health regions are using information, strategies, policies and programs to reduce health inequities and access tools and resources available to support the use of a health equity perspective in decision-making.

A written primer, “Equity action: A primer on health equity for health system managers,” is available for download.

The course was developed by the CIHI and the Canadian Population Health Initiative. To access the course, visit:


CIHI Learning Centre (2014). Equity action: Health equity tools for health system managers [online course]. Retrieved from

Tags: Competencies & organizational standards , Leadership & capacity building, Methods & tools, Promising practices , Public health unit / health authority

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