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Health equity assessment: facilitators and barriers to the application of health equity tools

The authors of this document analysed the application of health equity assessment tools (HEATs) in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada to identify facilitators and barriers to success.  The analysis is intended to help Canadians conduct effective health equity impact assessments and, in particular, using the Health Equity Impact Assessment tool now used in Ontario. HEATs provide systematic steps for health policy makers, program planners, and researchers to assess their initiatives through the lens of health equity.

The findings of these researchers are relevant to the application of other types of health equity tools in other contexts. The report has two parts:

  • Part 1 - Summary of facilitators and barriers that help or hinder the application of HEATs and the uptake of recommendations resulting from the assessments
  • Part 2 - Case studies describing  practices in the application and evaluation of HEATs, from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Use this resource to:

  • Identify facilitators and barriers to the of application of HEATs
  • Learn from the experiences of organizations that have conducted HEATs
  • Anticipate issues that may arise when planning to incorporate HEATs into practice


Tyler, I., Amare, H., Hyndman B., Manson, H. & Public Health Ontario. (2014) Health equity assessment: facilitators and barriers to the application of health equity tools. Toronto, ON: Queen’s Printer of Ontario.

Tags: Competencies & organizational standards , Evaluation, Healthy public policy, Leadership & capacity building, Methods & tools, Modify & orient, Policy analysis

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