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Gender based analysis PLUS - online course

This online course was designed to increase the awareness and skills of Canadian civil servants in applying gender-based analysis to the development of policies and programs.  Status of Women Canada developed this course to promote the use of the Gender-Based Analysis PLUS (GBA+) analytical tool used by the federal government to advance gender equality in Canada. The "plus" in the name signifies that gender-based analysis goes beyond gender to include intersecting identification factors such as age, education, language, geography, culture and income.

Participants work through cases to learn how paying attention to sex, gender and diversity can enhance the effectiveness of policies and the outcomes of programs.  Module titles include 1) Is sex the same as gender? 2) What do assumptions have to do with it? and 3) How do I do GBA+?

The course is free, and takes about three hours to complete; learners have three chances to score 80% or higher on the final quiz to pass the course.  You can access it at Click on the “training” option.

This course was recommended as a professional development resource by an NCCDH project team reviewing online courses related to health equity and the social determinants of health for a public health audience. To learn more about this project and other recommended courses, click here.

Status of Women Canada (2012). Gender Based Analysis PLUS [Online course]. Retrieved from

Tags: Access to health services, Competencies & organizational standards , Healthy public policy, Key concepts, Leadership & capacity building, Racism/racialization, Sex & gender, Link

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