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Grounded in our communities: 3/10 promising practices in Capital Health

Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Medical Officer of Health, Capital & District Health Authority (Halifax), discusses the evolution of health equity practice and policy within Capital Health’s public health system. The Chief Public Health Officer's 2008 Report on the State of Public Health in Canada prompted the health authority to think critically about the work it was doing. Through community engagement, a cohesive framework for the delivery of public health services in the city was created.

Dr. Watson-Creed explains how three promising practices identified by the Sudbury District Health Unit—purposeful reporting, community engagement and intersectoral action—guided their work. Purposeful reporting is key because understanding inequities and their causes drives the work, she says (Nova Scotia’s Public Health mission is: Public Health works with others to understand health of our communities and act together to improve health.  The job of public health is to bring the data to the table, critically evaluate it and engage with community actors to develop effective solutions. 

Use this resource to

  • reflect on the value of data collection and analysis in health equity work;
  • learn how data can lead to shifts in policy and strategy; and
  • learn about a public health renewal process.

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