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Health equity tools

This inventory was created to help people working in public health make sense of the growing number of health equity tools available. The tools were identified by researchers at the University of Victoria who received a five-year Programmatic Grant in health equity from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The research team searched peer-reviewed and grey literature (published before 2011) for tools that clearly identify improving health equity as a goal. They used search terms such as health equity, inequities and disparities, combined with terms for various types of tools. The search results included reports and articles that self-identified as a tool, guide, resource, audit or framework for health equity. These documents were screened for relevance to public health and for their inclusion of steps or a process to follow.

Each tool is described on a page graphically designed to help the reader find specific categories of information:  the objectives, intended users, how the tool can be used, keywords related to content and type of tool, and past application and evaluation information.

The inventory can be searched using keywords or the index. In the next phase of the project, the researchers will conduct a thorough practical and theoretical assessment of each tool. For the present, the appendix includes supplementary resources currently available.

Use this resource to

  • assess the degree to which health equity is integrated into a public health program or policy;
  • measure the impact of a program or policy on the distribution of health outcomes; and
  • promote the inclusion of health equity in public health policies and programs.


Pauly, B., MacDonald, M., O'Brian, W., Hancock, T., Perkin, K., Martin, W., …Riishede, J. (2013). Health Equity Tools. Victoria, BC: Equity Lens in Public Health.

Tags: Assess and report, Knowledge translation , Methods & tools, Modify & orient, Link

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