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Health impact assessment in practice - online course

This free, six to 12 hour course is designed for public health practitioners who have some research skills, but limited experience in conducting a health impact assessment (HIA). The course was developed by the National Health Services in Scotland, and is one of almost two dozen eLearning courses offered to health practitioners and managers. The course includes three HIA case studies; participants work through them using a workbook, which forms a record of their learning. Among other topics, the course teaches why and how to consider health inequalities when doing HIA, the spectrum of steps to go through, how to conduct a rapid tabletop HIA, and why and how to involve stakeholders and informants.

You can access the course by signing in as a “guest” at

This course was recommended as a professional development resource by an NCCDH project team reviewing online courses related to health equity and the social determinants of health for a public health audience.  To learn more about this project and other recommended courses, click here.

National Health Service, Scotland (2008).  Health impact assessment in practice [Online course]. Retrieved from

Tags: Assess and report, Community engagement, Healthy public policy, Intersectoral action, Methods & tools, Modify & orient, Link

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