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Healthy Living: Public policy makes a difference

Healthy Living: Public Policy Makes a Difference is a seven minute film that describes how good public policy can support healthy living and healthy communities. The video features the stories of two women in Vancouver who face challenges that have make it difficult for them and their families to lead healthy lives. They discuss how these challenges permeate their day-to-day lives and how the affects go beyond the inability to make ends meet. Both women share highlights of local public policies that have made a positive difference to their health and well being.

The video makes the case that healthy housing policy, healthy early childhood policy, and building healthy communities are pivotal components for local governments to improve population health. The video is accompanied by a discussion guide

Use this resource to

  • initiate discussion about how public policy effects health
  • raise awareness about how the social determinants of health—housing, early childhood development, and social cohesion—effect health
  • acquaint yourself with the circumstances and real-life consequences of earning a low income


Vancouver Coastal Health; Lemongrass. 2009. Healthy Living: Public Policy Makes a Difference. Retrieved from

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Video Discussion Guide

Tags: Early childhood development, Environmental health, Food security, Healthy public policy, Income inequality, Policy analysis, Public health unit / health authority, Socioeconomic status , Working conditions, Video

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