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Introduction to population health (MOOC) (Europe) – Online course

The University of Manchester pioneered the online teaching of population health with one of the first distance learning programs in the world. The 2016 schedule for this free MOOC (massive online open course) has not been set; you can request notification for the next delivery dates.

This course is aimed at learners in the general public, but due to the quality of the video lectures and suggested readings, it would be useful for people working in health and social care who want to improve their understanding of population health. As is common with MOOCs, most of the content is in the form of video lectures and suggested readings, along with discussion activities, self-assessment, and other exploratory activities. 

The six week course (1-3 hours/week) covers the following topics:
Week 1 – An introduction to population health
Week 2 – An introduction to epidemiology
Week 3 – The state of the world’s health
Week 4 – Global influences on population health
Week 5 – Population health interventions
Week 6 – Reflection

For more information, or to sign-up, visit:


University of Manchester. (2014). Introduction to population health [online course]. Retrieved from

Tags: Key concepts, Knowledge translation , Promising practices

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