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Learning Essentials for Advancing Health Equity series

This resource is available in English and French.

The Learning Essentials to Advance Health Equity series is a collection of resources developed as part of the Building Capacity for Equity-Informed Planning and Evaluation Project, a partnership between the Alliance for Healthier Communities and Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services.   

The goal of this project was to develop tools and resources that support organization-level capacity for community health centres (CHCs) to address inequities in healthcare access, healthcare quality and health outcomes.

The series includes a number of health equity learning modules on the basics of health equity concepts, using data to advance health equity efforts and evaluating improvements to health equity. It also offers tools to assess baseline health equity status, data collection and analysis to assess client needs, and planning tools such as a project charter and evaluation guide.

Additional tools for planning evidence reviews, employment surveys and other information gathering and analysis to support organization level capacity building are also offered.

Resource inventory

A resource inventory for healthcare organizations (available in English only) offers a framework to guide capacity-building to address health equity at multiple levels of a community health organization.

 It includes tools mapped onto each domain of the framework and subject area. The framework, tools and concepts can be adapted to various organizations and areas of public and community health practice.

Use this resource to

  • facilitate discussion about what components of organization-level capacity for health equity action are strong or need improvement in your organization;
  • assess how current programs and approaches address health equity and where they could be improved; and
  • develop a professional development plan to strengthen knowledge about organizational capacity to take action on health inequities in healthcare access and outcomes.


Alliance for Healthier Communities. (2018). Learning Essentials for Advancing Health Equity Series. Alliance for Healthier Communities and Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services; Toronto (Ont).

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