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Learning pathway for public health middle managers

Middle managers (directors, managers and supervisors) play an important role in facilitating and supporting the innovative health equity work that public health organizations undertake. Consequently, the NCCDH developed this self-directed learning tool to facilitate and support the professional development of public health directors, managers and supervisors.
Understanding a learning pathway

Learning pathways are a form of self-directed learning that includes self-assessment and learning task selection, and should end in practice or behavioural change. This learning pathway includes selected readings and videos from the NCCDH Resource Library, categorized into introductory resources and resources for additional learning. This learning pathway also includes learning tools such as quizzes for middle managers to self-assess their knowledge, as well as questions and thinking activities to help middle managers take away practical lessons from each resources they review in the pathway.

Key competencies

This learning pathway builds the knowledge, skills and attitudes (i.e., competencies) public health middle managers require to be successful at facilitating the development and implementation of public health strategies and interventions that reduce health inequities. This learning pathway’s resources and tools are clustered according to five middle management competency domains:

  1. Create vision and strategy
  2. Mobilize people and achieve results
  3. Uphold integrity and respect
  4. Collaborate with partners and stakeholders
  5. Promote innovation and guide change

Using competencies to cluster tools and resources allows middle managers to clearly see how the knowledge gained from using this learning pathway can be used to build the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in their roles.

Time commitment

It should take approximately one hour to review the introductory resources and complete the tools clustered under one competency domain. Reviewing the additional learning resources should take no more than an additional 45 minutes for each competency domain.

Use this resource to

  • Develop the middle management competencies needed to support health equity work in public health


National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. (2018). Learning pathway for public health middle managers. Antigonish, NS: National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health, St. Francis Xavier University.

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