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New directions in public health and community development online workshop series – online course

These ongoing, date-specific, online workshops and webinars are designed for staff and board members of non-profit health and community development organizations, as well as public health and healthcare professionals in the US and internationally. 

Recent workshops topics include:

  • Strategies for Successful Multisectoral Partnership to Advance Health Equity,
  • Health equity and health communication—strategies to reach the underserved,
  • Implementing the social determinants of health agenda—new trends, strategies and case studies; and
  • Assessing organizational capacity via health equity-related assessment—an introductory workshop.

The online workshops use a GoToMeeting platform, which includes an online facilitator and extended audio and chat-style Q&A periods. The workshops are two hours and the cost for each ranges $10-40 for non-members or significantly less for HEI members. Certificates are given to people who participate in four workshops over a six-month period.  

The workshops are developed by the Health Equity Initiative team in New York. You can access the workshops and webinars on the HEI website. 

Health Equity Initiative. (2013).  

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