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Population Health: The new agenda

Population Health: The New Agenda is a 15-minute video introducing the broad concepts of population health and the social determinants of health. The video includes vignettes from North Vancouver residents of varying economic situations discussing how their employment and economic stability, access to affordable housing, childcare, health care and community programs have each effected their overall health. The video also includes commentary from Vancouver Coastal Health staff offering analysis of city-wide data on rates of chronic disease and perceptions of health with a focus on health equity.

Use this resource to

  • Initiate discussion about how public policy can effect health;
  • Raise awareness about the social determinants of health; and
  • Connect population health concepts to lived experiences.


Vancouver Coastal Health. (2009). Population Health: The New Agenda. Retrieved from: <>

Tags: Access to health services, Healthy public policy, Income inequality, Public health unit / health authority, Socioeconomic status , Video

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