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Roots of health inequity – online course

This free, 15-to-30 hour course is intended for an American public health audience. While many of the SDOH concepts and issues discussed are relevant for Canadian practitioners, the course is rooted in US politics and culture.

The course explores root causes of inequity in the distribution of disease, illness, and death. It seeks to ground participants in the concepts and strategies that can help them take effective action.

In it, participants

  • explore social processes that produce inequities in the distribution of illness,
  • strategize effective ways to act on the root causes of health inequity; and
  • form relationships with other local health departments that are working to improve health equity.

The course is intended to be followed by a workplace group. Each group selects a leader/administrator who moderates the face-to-face discussions, as well as activities in the online-community area (where goals, deadlines, meetings and an overall schedule are posted). Individuals can follow the course by creating a one-person group, or by joining a general group.

This course is a health equity and social justice initiative of the National Association of County and City Health Officials  in the US. You can access the course by creating an account and logging in at

This course was recommended as a professional development resource by an NCCDH project team reviewing online courses related to health equity and the social determinants of health for a public health audience.  To learn more about this project and other recommended courses, click here.

National Association of County and City Health Officials (2011). Roots of health inequity: A web-based course for the public health workforce [Online course]. Retrieved from

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