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Social determinants of health: Know what affects health

This resource is available in English only.

This website from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides links to CDC resources, tools and evidence to support public health, community organizations and healthcare professionals in taking action to address the impact of social determinants of health (SDH).

Resource groupings

Resources are offered in several groupings that align with the delivery public and community health services to facilitate uptake into both responsive and long-term practice:

  • “Know What Affects Health”: A broad overview of how SDH influence health, as well as a link to health system transformation and community wide approaches to show positive health outcomes and economic benefits.  
  • “Sources of Data on SDOH,” including disease rates and vulnerability indicators
  • “CDC Research on SDOH,” including the influence of economics, education, socioenvironmental context, healthcare and built environment on health outcomes  
  • “Tools for Putting SDOH into Action,” including best practices, data set directory, toolkits and program-specific guides to addressing SDH.
  • “CDC Programs Addressing SDOH,” such as built environment, lead poisoning, leadership, partnership, violence and race-based disparities in health.
  • “Policy Resources to Support SDOH,” such as chronic disease tracking, health impact assessment and intersection with non-health-specific policy approaches
  • Additional links to further resources and FAQs are also provided

While many of the tools and data sources are US based, most can provide a template for strategies and approaches that could be applied to the Canadian public health context, including place-based framework and research on social and community context.  

Use this resource to

  • initiate discussion about reorienting community and public health programs and services to address the impact of SDH on health outcomes; and
  • support reorienting non-health-specific policy approaches to better address the impact of SDH on health outcomes


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). Tools for Putting Social Determinants of Health into Action. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Social Determinants of Health; US Department of Health and Human Services.

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