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Our resource library contains more than 150 resources. The library is evolving, as we continue to add resources that are relevant, geared to practice, and either recently published or foundational to current health equity thinking in public health. To suggest a new resource or to learn more about our resource selection process, please contact us.

The right-hand side bar offers two options to search this library:

  1. You can use the search box by entering the title of a document, part of a title, an author or a key word. This search function is sensitive to spelling.
  2. You can choose options from some or all of the categories, including searching only NCCDH produced resources.

If you are logged into our online community, you can write in the comment box at the bottom of each summary, and view comments from others. To log in or to sign up as a member, click here.

We also have several curated resource library lists available:


Canada communicable disease report: Social determinants of health

This 2016 supplemental document to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canada Communicable Disease Report (CCDR) has a focus on social determinants of health and how infectious disease prevention and control intersect with health equity.

Climate change, health, and equity: A guide for local health departments

This guide from the American Public Health Association provides a comprehensive overview of the link between climate change and population health, the impact on groups already at a disadvantage due to structural inequities, and core public health roles to address climate change and population health inequities.

Proportionate universality

This policy brief from the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) provides an overview of the concept of proportionate universality, how it applies to child health and the importance of shifting the social gradient through universal and targeted programs for early childhood development.

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