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Assess and report

Health inequities in New Brunswick

This report presents data revealing the unequal distribution of social determinants and health status in New Brunswick. It “is meant to stimulate individual and collective interest and facilitate conversations to address this important issue which affects all New Brunswickers…” (p. 5)

How are Canadians really doing? The 2012 CIW report

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing’s second report presents statistical trends, over 17 years, within eight domains of wellbeing. It reveals that Canadian’s health, in its broadest sense, dropped significantly during the 2008 recession, and has not recovered.

Inequalities in health: Definitions, concepts and theories

This article provides a clear and accessible review of issues related to understanding, measuring and assessing health inequalities. The authors also consider implications for developing program and policy interventions to reduce health inequalities.

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