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Community Organization

Implications of a Basic Income Guarantee for Household Food Insecurity

This paper from the Northern Policy Institute outlines evidence to support a basic income guarantee as the most effective policy intervention for addressing food insecurity among vulnerable populations. It also provides an overview of how Ontario’s socioeconomic patterning relates to income of food insecurity in the province.

Social determinants of health – online course

This free, one-hour, interactive eLearning module is one of 15 modules created to make cultural competence training more accessible to health care providers. The module uses multimedia to illustrate how social and economic conditions influence the health of individuals, communities and nations.

Toward healthy homes for all: RentSafe summary and recommendations

This report offers research results from Ontario-based initiative RentSafe, a project that seeks to address the underlying circumstances that contribute to unhealthy housing and identify potential solutions and actions that will lead to healthy housing for all.

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