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Environmental health

A review of frameworks on the determinants of health

This document presents a brief analysis of 37 social determinants of health frameworks that best reflect an intersectoral perspective. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the seven frameworks considered most useful for understanding and acting on the social determinants across sectors.

Cross-country analysis of the institutionalization of health impact

This report describes and compares the institutionalization of health impact assessment (HIA) in nine middle- and high-income countries, and within the European Union, with an eye to identifying the factors that enhance effective and wide-spread implementation of HIA.

Equity in environmental health practice: Findings of a pilot study

Public health inspectors (PHIs) are not often part of the dialogue about social determinants of health (SDH) and health equity. This report summarizes two focus groups with PHIs exploring how they experience SDH and health inequities in their practice.

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