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Introduction to health impact assessment (HIA) of public policies – online course

This 45-hour, online course was designed for public health practitioners and decision makers who want to develop or improve their ability to lead a health impact assessment of public policies that involves working with partners from multiple sectors.

Just societies: Health equity and dignified lives

This report by the Pan American Health Organization’s Commission on Equity and Health Inequalities in the Americas examines social and economic inequalities in the regions, and considers several related factors such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, and daily living conditions. An expanded list of the structural drivers of inequities also play prominently into the analysis.

Liberating structures

Liberating structures are processes that “include and unleash everyone.” At the NCCDH, we have found these processes to be of great benefit in fostering people’s commitment and energy, and bringing everyone into the work that will lead us to greater health equity.

Local resources and health: Overview of knowledge synthesis

Four fact sheets from La Chaire de recherche du Canada Approches communautaires et inégalités de santé (CACIS) presenting the findings of literature reviews on housing, the food environment, community life and sustainable mobility.

National Inuit climate change strategy

This informative strategy from Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami asks readers to ethically partner with Inuit communities while contributing to climate policy at all levels. It also includes a guide to partnering with Inuit communities.

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