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Multiple actors bringing diverse knowledge to improve health equity: Dialogue proceedings

These proceedings summarize an open space forum held in Quebec City in 2015. The event explored the question: “What are the opportunities to reduce social inequities in health if we bring together knowledge gathered from experience, intervention, research, and decision-making?”

Public Health Speaks: Intersectionality and health equity

Public health practitioners and researchers discuss the application of intersectionality in social determinants of health and health equity practice, policy and research.

Public health use of digital technology to advance health equity

This paper presents findings on two surveys of how public health professionals exchange knowledge and act to improve the social determinants of health and health equity in digital spaces like social media.

The health of Canada’s children and youth: A CICH profile

The Canadian Institute for Child Health (CICH) profile offers data from over 400 indicators on the health and well-being of Canadian children and youth. New modules on Indigenous children/youth and health/development in the early years consolidate indicators that can be used to support strategies, draw attention to health inequities and develop partnerships that serve the children of Canada, Indigenous and settler alike.

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