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Policy analysis

Foundational documents in health equity: A curated list

NCCDH staff chose seven documents that have significantly informed our understanding of how health is affected by structural (e.g., global and national economic policy) and intermediate (e.g., income and education) determinants of health. This list provides a brief description of the contribution for each of these documents.

Growing healthier: A health equity impact assessment for Saskatoon’s growth plan

Upstream and Saskatoon Health Region’s Population and Public Health group detail the results of a HEIA they conducted on the City of Saskatoon’s recently released growth plan. Growing healthier offers 13 recommendations for direct action that will enhance Saskatoon’s community health and well-being.

Health for All: Building Winnipeg’s Health Equity Action Plan

This report lays the foundation for a Health Equity Action Plan for the city of Winnipeg. The document provides a framework for understanding and collaboratively addressing health equity by introducing principles, strategies, and suggested areas for action.

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