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Public Health Organization

Basic income: Rethinking social policy

Rooted in the premise that everyone deserves a life out of poverty, this compendium of writings offers considerations for policy makers and governments to inform next steps in testing basic income and rethinking welfare in Ontario.

Handbook of Health Equity in Environmental Public Health Practice

This resource (in English) from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control offers tools, information and practice guidance to support environmental public health (EPH) practitioners as they take action on health equity.

The health of Canada’s children and youth: A CICH profile

The Canadian Institute for Child Health (CICH) profile offers data from over 400 indicators on the health and well-being of Canadian children and youth. New modules on Indigenous children/youth and health/development in the early years consolidate indicators that can be used to support strategies, draw attention to health inequities and develop partnerships that serve the children of Canada, Indigenous and settler alike.

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