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Webinar: Participatory practice and health promotion in Canada

The NCCDH and Health Promotion Canada (HPC) collaborated on a series of webinars to highlight several chapters of the book Health Promotion in Canada 4th edition: New Perspectives on Theory, Practice, Policy, and Research (2018). The goal was to explore how various themes in this book apply to public health action on health equity by pairing the authors’ content with practitioner perspective on application to public health practice.

This webinar took place in English. Click here to access the recording (English only).

Community engagement and participatory practice are core principles for health promotion strategies based on social justice. Individual and collective participation of all segments of society, with special attention to marginalized groups, can contribute to a transformative shift in public health practice to address health inequities. Authentic engagement brings different forms of knowledge forward, allowing practitioners to see people as a resource for the co-development of priorities and approaches instead of just an audience who receives a service.

This webinar explores participatory health promotion practice as an approach to action on health equity. Our presenters review the concept of engagement as a reflection of philosophy, goals and values. In addition, we discuss strategies for creating the space for practice to change, such as listening to stories, respectful dialogue and critical reflexivity. We also include a segment on the challenges of participatory practice and opportunities to overcome them through practice scenarios.

Listeners will learn about

  • theoretical and practical bases for participatory health promotion practice in Canada;
  • applying engagement strategies in public health practice to address health inequities; and
  • practice-based examples of participatory engagement to address factors contributing to health inequities.


Dianne Oickle,
Knowledge Translation Specialist,
Jeff Masuda,
Associate Professor
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen’s University
Director, Centre for Environmental Health Equity
Jane Springett, Professor
School of Public Health, University of Alberta

Related resources

Review summary: Community engagement to reduce inequalities in health (2015) A guide to community engagement frameworks for action on the social determinants of health and health equity (2013) Public Health Speaks: Community engagement for health equity (2013)


Click here to access the recording (English only)


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  • Presenters:
  • Jeff Masuda, Jane Springett, 
  • Dianne Oickle
    Dianne Oickle

    Dianne Oickle, MSc, BSc

    Knowledge Translation Specialist

    Dianne is a dietitian with over 15 years’ experience working in public health in Ontario focused on reproductive and child health in a mostly rural setting with many diverse clients. Part of her work involved development of practice guidelines for health professionals, train-the-trainer initiatives, public presentations, educational resource development, working with the media, community coalition and network support, writing for the public and professionals, and program planning, implementation, and evaluation. She has taught university nutrition courses, worked with the provincial network supporting and advocating for dietitians in public health practice, and precepted over 20 dietetics and other students. Dianne earned her BSc in Nutrition and Consumer Studies (now Human Nutrition) at St. Francis Xavier University, and her MSc in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan.

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