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  • Public Health Speaks: Public health’s role in community organizing

    Explore the transformational power of community organizing in public health in this Public Health Speaks resource. Hear insights from experts on bridging partnerships, overcoming barriers and centering advocacy for health equity.

  • Learning from Practice

    Our Learning from Practice series continues with 4 new case studies! These resources provide practical examples of equity-driven action on the structural and social determinants of health. Use these resources to guide public health practice, policy, and decision making.

  • Mind the Disruption: An NCCDH Project

    On Mind the Disruption, the new NCCDH podcast, you’ll hear the stories of people who have disrupted the usual ways of doing things in their organizations, communities, and society in pursuit of better health for all.

  • Equity in Action

    The "Equity in Action" project highlights initiatives that have successfully promoted health equity in pandemic planning, response, and recovery. This repository lifts the voices of community leaders as a source of evidence to facilitate learning and connection among Public Health practitioners in Canada.