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  • Determining Health: Decent work issue brief

    This brand new 2022 practice brief describes decent work as a determinant of health. It provides an overview of the peer-reviewed literature, policy documents and other grey literature to illustrate the health impacts of employment and working conditions on workers and populations in Canada.

  • Equity in Action

    The "Equity in Action" project highlights initiatives that have successfully promoted health equity in pandemic planning, response, and recovery. This repository lifts the voices of community leaders as a source of evidence to facilitate learning and connection among Public Health practitioners in Canada.

  • COVID-19 Conversation Series: Recovery and regeneration in the face of overlapping crises

    In this conversation series we explore listening, leading, recognizing systems of power and ways in which courage and hope are fostered for equitable, regenerative public health systems. The conversations will create space for collective healing and recovery.

  • Organizational Capacity for Health Equity Action Initiative: A brief description

    This document provides an overview of the NCCDH’s Organizational Capacity for Health Equity Action Initiative (OCI), a project to help organizations develop their capacity for health equity action by offering relevant frameworks, strategies and organizational conditions for this work.

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