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Equity words - Twitter BINGO contest

Equity words - Twitter BINGO contest

By Melissa MacMaster on May 25, 2015

During the Canadian Public Health Association annual conference this year (May 25 – 28 in Vancouver) the NCCDH is hosting an Equity BINGO contest via Twitter #eqBINGO with great prizes: two $50 gift certificates from Chapters-Indigo!

We are building excitement about how rich the equity theme is at this year’s conference, and we are asking you to share the terms presenters are using to talk about social justice, the determinants of health, and health equity. 

The Twitter contest works like this. 

  • Follow us on Twitter at @NCCDH_CCNDS
  • On Monday, May 25th we’ll announce the contest with a “term of the day”
  • On both Wednesday and Thursday mornings, we’ll tweet a new English and a French term of the day using the hashtags #PublicHealth15 and  #eqBINGO
  • Every time you hear an equity term in conference session you need to tweet using #eqBINGO.  If you tweet a total of 5 equity-related terms, you are eligible for a BINGO
  • Tweets need to be sent before 2 pm on Wednesday and/or Thursday in order to get your name in a draw for the day’s prize (a $50 gift certificate).
  • If you are the winner, we will tweet you the good news!  You can then pick up your prize at  the NCCPH booth in the Exhibit Hall on the 3rd floor.

We are also encouraging everyone to take a look at our Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms and comment on the definitions that are important to them.  Please check out the interactive glossaries: we developed the English and French glossaries independently, so some terms are in both and some in just one of the glossaries.  Please leave us a comment.  Let us know if you find the definition helpful, if you think we used the term properly in the example sentence, or how you use it differently.  If you think some essential words are missing, let us know. 

Paper copies of the glossaries ( English and French) are available at the NCCPH booth during the conference.

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