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Blog: Income inequality

Housing: An area for public health action on equity

In this blog post, NCCDH Knowledge Translation Specialist Dianne Oickle introduces the goals of the NCCDH’s recent product package focusing on public health action on housing insecurity.

Imagine 2048: A reflection on the future of health promotion practice

Imagine the world in 2048. What do you see? I imagine a world in which a greater proportion of humanity gets to partake in the beauty and bounty the world has to offer while being buffered from more of its downsides. It brings to mind what Arundhati Roy imagines as “another world.” In this “another world” described by Roy, three things will be central to health promotion practice.

PROOF of food insecurity in Canada

To find out why understanding food insecurity is important for public health, Hannah Moffatt, Knowledge Translation Specialist spoke with Dr. Lynn McIntyre, PROOF Investigator, Professor, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary and NCCDH Advisory Board member about the report.

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