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Health Equity Collaborative Network

Do you work in public health? Are you responsible for supporting your organization’s work on the social determinants of health and health equity? If you answered yes to both questions:

Join a network of other professionals who are committed to amplifying their public health equity practice.

The Health Equity Collaborative Network is a network of practitioners and researchers who share practices and experience, build relationships for information exchange and support, build capacity, advance knowledge of effectiveness, and share other information related to the social determinants of health and health equity.

The objectives of the Health Equity Collaborative Network are to support public health practice on the social determinants of health and health equity. Specifically, to:

  1. Provide a platform to share learning and experience in supporting organizational commitments;
  2. Increase knowledge and access to research and practice-based evidence on current issues (e.g., racial equity, COVID-19);
  3. Enhance the knowledge and skills of members;
  4. Increase connections and collaboration between and among public health practitioners and researchers;
  5. Provide a space for problem-solving and provide opportunities to act together and influence systems change.

Members of the network meet on a quarterly basis via teleconference/webinar.

Is the Network for me?

Network members:

  • have an explicit responsibility for social determinants of health and health equity at the local, regional, provincial/territorial levels within their organizations;
  • act as a conduit between the network and their own networks by providing ongoing updates and sharing information; and
  • participate actively in Network activities (i.e., attend regular meetings, share resources, visit and contribute to the Network’s collaborative webspace).


To join the network please contact Rebecca Cheff, Knowledge Translation Specialist.