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Leadership et comepétences

It takes leadership to strengthen the capacity of practitioners, organizations and industry in general to improve the conditions in which we live, work and play and, ultimately, the health of our society.

In the Report's Chief Public Health on the state of public health in Canada 2008, both strong leadership, vision and collective emerged as one of the features common to all Canadian locations where we had the most walked in health equity. This same leadership emerged as indispensable at work for health equity in our environmental scan conducted in 2010 and as a field of interest in our analysis of the report Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada.

One of the practices emerged as promising to help public health services at the local level to reduce social inequities in health is about leadership and skills: the skills and organizational standards.

Outline of related projects

To determine the factors and conditions affecting the effectiveness of public health by exercising leadership to address the social determinants of health and health equity, we met with 14 public health leaders as part of an Appreciative Inquiry. The resulting report, entitled Public health, what factors facilitate the exercise of effective leadership in health equity? Appreciative Inquiry. This document includes a summary of findings and examples from the field of public health in Canada.

In 2013, we studied how the use of organizational standards could be used to make social inequalities a public health priority. The report entitled The Public Health has the floor: the organizational standards s, a promising practice to advance health equity contains a summary of the observations made ​​by four specialists in public health in Canada who used standards and frameworks of reference to support organizational transformation process.
E-learning - online courses Analysis

To help managers and practitioners working in the field of public health in finding the most suitable to their professional development, we analyzed the courses offered online in French and English and designed to increase in learners the knowledge and useful skills to address the determinants of health so as to advance health equity. For more information on the methods used for this analysis, click here. We also briefly assessed the quality and relevance of each course, which led us to recommend 12 online courses. 

Coming soon - Not to be missed!

A review of policy documents and a synthesis of qualitative documents about effective leadership in the field of public health and the factors facilitating or impeding the ability to exercise leadership in relation to health equity are in coun- development.

Other case studies will be available soon, including a description of the leadership exercised in the Western Health Authority in Newfoundland and Labrador. A case study on the affected nurses to social determinants of health will outline the leadership exercised by staff who do not work in management. 

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