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Intersectoral action

MUSE: A pan-Canadian project promoting health equity through built environments

The NCCDH recently participated in the first full gathering of the Multisectoral Urban Systems for Health and Equity in Canadian Cities (MUSE) project, a Canada-wide initiative to analyze how local municipalities, public health and community organizations work together to design our cities to promote fair distribution of health outcomes.

NCCDH participates in prenatal environmental health forum

The NCCDH was very pleased to be invited to participate in the Prenatal Environmental Health Education (PEHE) forum on November 20-21, 2014 in Ottawa, ON. The forum was a two day event that brought together researchers, practitioners, and organizations interested in the impact of exposure to environmental health contaminants on pregnant women and their babies.

My new health equity position:  Where do I start?

This blog describes my initial work in matching the NCCDH’s four "Public Health Roles for Improving Health Equity" with concrete examples and tools. This piece of work gave me some sense of ‘where to start.’ Public Health Roles for Improving Health Equity.

The 5 Ws of Intersectoral Collaboration

What is intersectoral collaboration (ISC)? Why engage in this practice, when is it needed, and who participates? Click here to learn more.

Recent health equity developments in Manitoba

With contributions from Karen Serwonka, Caroline Krebs, Sande Harlos, and Lissa Donner. Now available: Executive summary and full report of the June 2013 health equity forum A knowledge translation forum on health equity and social determinants of health.

Two online events to start 2013!

This January, join us for two exciting events: An online conversation for members of the Health Equity Clicks community (January 21-25) and a tweet chat with Health Nexus (January 29).

Intersectoral action for health equity

The NCCDH is pleased to present an expedited rapid systematic review examining the effectiveness and impact of intersectoral action as a public health practice to advance health equity.

Intersectoral action for health equity

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