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Webinar series 2016: Equity reporting in action

Over the course of four webinars, we will explore current Canadian issues associated with equity-integrated population health status reporting, equity indicators, local data and health equity outcomes.  The series will focus on data to drive community action to improve health equity.

Each webinar will feature special guests to showcase the diversity of strategies and approaches being undertaken across Canada. Guests and facilitators will bridge research and practice in public health, building on the ‘Assess and report’ resources already available in the NCCDH Resource Library.

(Please note, topics and guests will be revised closer to the date of each webinar. Contact us for more information)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 
Mapping Equity: using data mapping to drive cross-sector collaboration

Thursday, June 23, 2016
Trends in income-related health inequalities: How data is being connected to interventions to drive community action

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Moving from equity of care to equity of outcomes: Strengthening organizational and health system performance to report and act on the social determinants of health

  • Showcasing current approaches being undertaken by provincial quality councils and accreditation processes to integrate health equity issues

Theme: Observatory system: Is it time to revisit an investment in the necessary infrastructure?

  • Showcasing current provincial level population health data strategies and the development of “virtual” observatories

This webinar has been postponed. The date will be confirmed shortly.

Who should attend?

This webinar series is intended for public health stakeholders at all levels working in public health organizations on health equity issues. Cross-disciplinary groups are encouraged to attend to stimulate conversation at the local level.


To register, click the link to each individual webinar.

Recommended reading:

  1. Purposeful reporting for health equity
  2. The role of public health
  3. The importance of local data
  4. Learning together
  5. Using data to drive change

We want to hear from you!
Do you have suggestions for topics that are central to your work? We’re always looking for new ideas and suggested presenters, so please be in touch! 

For more information, contact Lesley Dyck, Knowledge Translation Specialist.

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