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Our resource library contains more than 350 resources. The library is evolving, as we continue to add resources that are relevant, geared to practice, and either recently published or foundational to current health equity thinking in public health. To suggest a new resource or to learn more about our resource selection process, please contact us.

The right-hand side bar offers two options to search this library:

  1. You can use the search box by entering the title of a document, part of a title, an author or a key word. This search function is sensitive to spelling.
  2. You can choose options from some or all of the categories, including searching only NCCDH produced resources.

We also have several curated reading lists available.

Movement-building as intersectoral action to achieve health equity

This practice brief by Knowledge Translation Specialist Dianne Oickle provides an overview of movement-building as intersectoral action to achieve health equity. It identifies core elements and strategies, and what this approach means for public health efforts in social justice and policy change.

Let’s Talk: Community engagement for health equity

This installment of the Let’s Talk series defines community engagement for health equity and encourages viewing community members as stakeholders and partners in public health decision-making. As a resource, it explores key practices and actions for public health to build capacity for authentic engagement with communities that live with inequities.

Pandemic housing policy: Examining the relationship among eviction, housing instability, health inequity, and COVID-19 transmission

This journal article from Benfer et al. considers how housing displacement exacerbates COVID-19 infection rate and death, including a discussion on eviction, transiency, overcrowding, chronic conditions, and the perpetuation of health inequities among Black and Latinx people, proposing housing stabilization measures as critical components to a comprehensive COVID-19 strategy.

Trans people and COVID-19

This blog post from the National Center for Transgender Equality briefly outlines the particular risks for COVID-19 for transgender people, including stigma and discrimination, reluctancy to get help, access to health care barriers and existing health conditions.

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