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Our resource library contains more than 350 resources. The library is evolving, as we continue to add resources that are relevant, geared to practice, and either recently published or foundational to current health equity thinking in public health. To suggest a new resource or to learn more about our resource selection process, please contact us.

The right-hand side bar offers two options to search this library:

  1. You can use the search box by entering the title of a document, part of a title, an author or a key word. This search function is sensitive to spelling.
  2. You can choose options from some or all of the categories, including searching only NCCDH produced resources.

We also have several curated reading lists available.

Children and Schools During COVID-19 and Beyond: Engagement and Connection Through Opportunity

This policy brief from the Royal Society of Canada explores the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health, learning and achievement of children and youth, while also highlighting pandemic recovery lessons for teachers and leaders. Recommendations are made for pandemic recovery in education to support educators, administrators, support staff, school mental health professionals and decision makers as well as parents/guardians.

Inequality, employment and COVID-19 - Priorities for fostering an inclusive recovery in BC

This report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (BC Office) describes changes in employment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, including higher job losses and slower economic recovery among lower-paid workers in part-time, temporary, and precarious employment (often women and racialized people). Policy recommendations for a more just and inclusive economy include large-scale, people centric public investments in physical and social infrastructure, labour market reforms, and an overhaul of income and social support systems.

Addressing and Inspiring Vaccine Confidence in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article from Marcelin et al. explores COVID-19 inequities and lower vaccine uptake among BIPOC populations. Strategies to build vaccine confidence through practical communication strategies, appropriate messengers and equitable access are explored.

Covid-19 Conversations - A Tale of Two Pandemics: COVID-19 and Global Vaccine Equity

This webinar by the American Public Health Association and National Academy of Medicine highlights differences in global COVID-19 vaccine accessibility and uptake, with particular attention to Brazil, India, and South Africa. Patterns of vaccination across populations and ways to ensure equitable global vaccine supply are explored.

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