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NCCDH Resources

Language and health equity: A curated list

This curated list highlights resources and tools that support public health and other sectors to use health equity language that is person-first, system-focused, and asset-based.

Let’s Talk: Language of health equity

This installment of the Let’s Talk series explores foundational principles of inclusive health equity language, how power and culture are baked into language, and terminology options that are inclusive and anti-stigmatizing.

Building community power for health equity: A curated list

This curated resource list, compiled by the NCCDH, contains a foundational set of resources and tools to support public health practitioners to understand power and develop strategies to redistribute power to advance health equity.

Let’s Talk: Redistributing power to advance health equity

Power imbalance is a root cause of health inequities. This installment of the Let’s Talk Series guides recognition and analysis of power imbalance in public health. It also gives examples of how to deploy strategies to both build community power and limit the power of those who benefit from inequity.