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NCCDH Resources

Public Health Speaks: Equity and the built environment

In September 2018, the NCCDH brought together three leaders in public health practice and research to share their experiences and reflections on public health practice and action to advance health equity through the built environment. This resource summarizes that conversation, facilitated by Dr. Teri Emrich, knowledge translation specialist at the NCCDH.

The Toronto Indigenous Health Advisory Circle (TIHAC): Advancing self-determined Indigenous health

This case story from the Toronto Indigenous Health Advisory Circle (TIHAC), the NCCDH and Muskrat Media describes the formation of TIHAC and the creation of the first self-determined Indigenous health strategy in Canada. It outlines the relationships, conditions and decisions that led to the creation of a strong strategy for Toronto.

Organizational Capacity for Health Equity Action Initiative: A brief description

This introductory document provides an overview of the NCCDH’s Organizational Capacity for Health Equity Action Initiative (OCI), its objectives and its format. This document is the first OCI entry in our new Learning Together series on organizational capacity.

Local resources and health: Overview of knowledge synthesis

Four fact sheets from La Chaire de recherche du Canada Approches communautaires et inégalités de santé (CACIS) presenting the findings of literature reviews on housing, the food environment, community life and sustainable mobility.

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