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Season 2, Episode 6

Disrupting for Reproductive Justice

May 07, 2024

Many public health practitioners provide a range of supports focused on sexual and reproductive health. Listen to this episode to hear about how Dr. Saraswathi Vedam and her team at the Birth Place Lab are disrupting the status quo for reproductive health research in Canada by intentionally centring the voices and priorities of communities that are under represented and excluded from health research. Saraswathi speaks with host Bernice Yanful about how she works with others to bring the Lab’s vision for “reproductive freedom, safety, and justice for every person” to life.


Saraswathi Vedam

Dr. Saraswathi Vedam is Lead Investigator at the Birth Place Lab and professor of midwifery at University of British Columbia. Over 38 years, she has been a midwife, educator, parent, and researcher. Her scholarly work includes several community-based participatory action research projects on health equity. She worked with service users to develop new quality measures of autonomy, respect, and mistreatment in perinatal care.  These accountability tools have now been applied in 65 countries at the institutional, health system, and country levels.


Episode Credits

This episode was produced by Pemma Muzumdar, Rebecca Cheff, Carolina Jimenez and host Bernice Yanful (NCCDH). The Mind the Disruption project team is led by Rebecca Cheff, with technical production and original music by Chris Perry. Promotion by Caralyn Vossen (NCCDH). Artwork by comet art + design. Sound credits: Clip used from the Birth Place Lab, “talking people.MP3” by szalonegacie (CC0 1.0), “conference chatter 3.aif” by reecord2 (CC0 1.0), and “Walla_ses1.wav” by freesound (CC0 1.0).