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Season 1, Episode 1

Disrupting Gig Work

October 25, 2022

Disruptor Jennifer Scott delivers food on her bike in Toronto and organizes with other gig workers to fight against the challenging – and often unsafe and harmful – employer practice of misclassifying workers. Listen to this episode to hear Jennifer’s personal story of becoming a gig worker, organizing with other workers for safer and healthier working conditions, and becoming the president of Gig Workers United. Later in the episode, we also talk to Dr. Monika Dutt and reflect on what this means for public health in Canada. Monika is a family doctor, Medical Officer of Health, and an advocate for decent work. In speaking with Monika, we discuss the many links between employment and health and explore the role that public health practitioners and organizations could play in supporting workers like Jennifer to advance health equity.


Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is the president of Gig Workers United and a gig worker doing bike delivery for various apps in Toronto.

Monika Dutt

Reflective guest Monika Dutt is a public health physician and a Medical Officer of Health in Newfoundland and Labrador. She is a family doctor at the Ally Centre of Cape Breton. She volunteers with the Decent Work and Health Network and the Anti-Racism Coalition of NL. She is currently in Hamilton, Ontario, with her son, where she recently started a PhD in Health Policy.


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This episode has been produced by Rebecca Cheff, Carolina Jimenez, and our host Bernice Yanful (NCCDH). Special thanks to our episode guests Jennifer Scott and Monika Dutt. Coordination of communications, webpage development and dissemination are led by Caralyn Vossen (NCCDH). Thanks to Claire Betker and the rest of the NCCDH team for their support. Technical production and original music by Chris Perry. Artwork by comet art + design.