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Climate change resilience part 1: COVID-19 underscores the need to address inequity and transform systems

This practice brief argues that our collective experience of the COVID-19 pandemic underscores the need for urgent and revised public health action to address climate change.

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Movement-building as intersectoral action to achieve health equity

This practice brief by Knowledge Translation Specialist Dianne Oickle provides an overview of movement-building as intersectoral action to achieve health equity. It identifies core elements and strategies, and what this approach means for public health efforts in social justice and policy change.

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Beginning from within: Promoting the health of trans, Two-Spirit and/or gender-diverse youth

In this framework description, Dr. Julie James discusses the importance of engaging with, and following the lead of, trans and gender-diverse youth. She presents a framework her team developed that can be used to guide public health action to shift personal and organizational knowledge, attitudes and approaches; it can also be used to provide competent services to trans, Two-Spirit and/or gender diverse youth.

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Ethical dilemmas faced by Community Health Nurses in the COVID 19 pandemic

This blog post by Ruth Schofield, Michelle Johnson and Shona Lalonde is the second of two that describe the work of Community Health Nurses (CHNs) as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These blogs reflect the voices of CHN across Canada — their experiences, challenges and innovations, as well as ethical dilemmas they face.

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