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Health Equity Clicks: Organizations

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Health Equity Clicks: Roles for Public Health

Entries are categorized based on four roles for public health to address the determinants of health as described in the Environmental Scan and by geography. These roles include:

Assess and report

Assess and report on a) the existence and impact of health inequities, and b) effective strategies to reduce these inequities. Organizations with this role

Modify and orient interventions

Modify and orient interventions and services to reduce inequities, with an understanding of the unique needs of populations that experience marginalization. Organizations with this role

Participate in policy development

Lead, support and participate with other organizations in policy analysis and development, and in advocacy for improvement in health determinants and inequities. Organizations with this role

Partner with other sectors

Partner with other government and community organizations to identify ways to improve health outcomes for populations that experience marginalization. Organizations with this role

About this Resource

This list is an evolving scan of public health and health organizations that are taking action on the social determinants of health and advancing health equity. Health Equity Clicks: Organizations will be of interest to public health practitioners and researchers across the country.

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