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The NCCPH program

Established in 2005 and funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada, the National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) produce information to help public health professionals improve their response to public health threats, chronic disease and injury, infectious diseases and health inequities. The NCCs are located across Canada, and each focuses on a different public health priority. The six centres are:

The National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health is proud to work closely with other National Collaborating Centres for Public Health on several joint projects and initiatives.


With other NCCs, we are currently:

  • developing a framework and tool kit to support health equity integrated population health status reporting;
  • learning how environmental health officers integrate attention to social determinants of health in their work and what needs they experience; and
  • coordinating webinars for community medicine residents and public health physicians.

We partner with the other Centres at our user forums and in conference presentations and workshops. For instance, in 2014/15, the NCC for Methods and Tools and the NCC for Healthy Public Policy and the NCC for Determinants of Health will coordinate presentations and workshops at a Maritime Public Health Conference – Health for All. In 2013/14, the NCC for Aboriginal Health joined us at a Manitoba User Forum and at the Health Equity Agenda Summit in Saskatoon. We have also co-delivered workshops with the NCC for Environmental Health at Canadian Public Health Association Conference and the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Conference. 

The NCCDH hosts the NCCPH Communications Coordinator, and guides communications and promotion planning for the NCC collaborative.

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