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Our Work

At the NCCDH, to advance social determinants of health and health equity through public health practice and policy, we

  • translate and share knowledge and evidence to influence interrelated determinants
  • support the uptake and exchange of information, products and services
  • identify gaps in research and practice
  • engage in collaborative learning projects and support translation of applied research 
  • support inter-personal  and inter-organizational connections that enable strong relationships

Our strategic priorities are significantly informed by our Advisory Board; the 2010 and 2013 pan-Canadian environmental scans, and 10 promising practices to guide local public health practice to reduce inequities in health.

In this part of our website, we profile our projects in relation to public health roles that we promote to improve health equity. All of these roles come from our 2010 environmental scan; four primary roles are explained further in our Let’s talk: Roles for improving health equity. Our projects are organized under the most aligned role, although we recognize that many projects cross-cut two or more roles.

In each section of this part of the website, we briefly describe the role, highlights from several related projects, summaries of projects in development, and direct you to published resources, events, blogs and Health Equity Clicks: Community conversations.